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The Vocaz team was essential in helping me critically review my application and in optimizing the content to ensure that I was putting my best foot forward. I truly appreciated that they took the time to find out who I was and what I aspired to do with my life before we began preparing the application.

They didn't change who I was or suggest that I change myself, they identified the aspects of my background and career that each school would be most interested in and encouraged me to emphasize those points to improve my odds of being admitted.

Thanks again!

UCLA Anderson 2014

I liked working with Ori. His feedback is very thoughtful and always backed up with a reason. He has been an excellent resource and I guess it would not have been possible to get to this stage without Ori's support and help.

UC Davis or UC Berkeley 2013

I received an excellent and specialized guide during my application process.

I was looking for just one program, so it was crucial for me to be advised by professionals with great experience and results. I can assure that Vocaz has well prepared mentors that can guide a person to be admitted on a top school. In my case, I got a 100% of success rate.

MIT 2013

I chose Vocaz due to your specialized expertise on consulting service for engineering-background applicants.

Lainie is a professional consultant. Her opinion played an important role in my application. Strategically, her idea and review of my essay change the profile of my application and prevent me from making some common errors. I should have worked with her earlier in my application process.

She also helped me, as an international applicant, to familiarize with effective English writing in a way of being modest while impressive.

Duke Fuqua 2012

I started my first application 3 weeks before the deadline without a real idea of how to write an application.
Through your guidance, ideas and your ability to exactly understand the story I wanted to tell, made it possible to write 6 applications in just under 3 months.
Your superb editing skills, taking my stories and synthesizing and focusing them on the important bits, helped me submit applications I could never have by myself.

Looking back, choosing you as my consultants for the MBA proved to be the best decision, yielding admittance to NYU, UCLA and IE, and interviews in IESE and Berkeley. The input of the your team made all the difference for me.

I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to get in a top ten school to use your service to make the dream come true.

NYU Stern 2012

One week before I take off to NY, I think this is the time to say thank you.
Thank you for your support, dedication, patience and professionalism, which helped me fulfill my dream.

Just like many other applicants, my application process was long and exhausting: when I started, I wasn't sure which schools I want to apply to and what will it take, but after a few months and a few applications I became very familiar with the admission drivers and I know by heart the GMAT average of students in each school...
In the end of the process I submitted application which were focused on all the important bits and only them, and this is due to your excellent R&D and unparalleled intelligence.

Thanks to your team's massive support I got accepted to two of the five schools I applied to (with scholarship in one school) and was invited to two interviews.
I recommend to anyone who wants to get accepted to a top-10 school making the right choice like me.

Thank you for everything!

NYU Stern 2012

I have learned a lot about writing effective documents and resumes. You made my applications more professional and focused.
Thanks to you I'm staring at Chicago booth in the Fall and I can say it was all worth it. Eliza, my consultant, worked extremely hard, day and nights, when the deadlines were approaching, to make sure my applications are perfect. I felt very good that I have someone on my side who cares about me and encourages me.
I can't find the words to express my appreciation.

Chicago 2012

It is rare to find such a unique group of devoted, professional and caring people.
Every request was met with a quick and helpful response, every constructive comment noted and implemented.
Your endless quest to improve the services you provide through research and self-observation ensures you will continue to provide the best possible support for MBA candidates.
I was eventually accepted to my first choice, Columbia, where I was offered a fellowship.

It was my privilege working with many of you.

Thank you,

Columbia 2012

I would like to thank you for your help and support with my admission process. I wouldn't have been admitted to IESE without your assistance. The experience and professionalism you demonstrated through the process made me feel confident along the way. My dream, which seemed so far away at the beginning, has come true, and I still can't believe I'm going to a top-10 school.

I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to get accepted to a top-10 school to use your service, since your contribution increases admission chances so much.

Thank you!

IESE 2012

When I decided to fulfill my dream and go to one of the world's top schools I decided to go through the process with the most professional support I can get, to make the most of my background.
Today, when I'm facing a great decision - Chicago with full scholarship or Stanford - I know that it is mostly thanks to you. You walked me through the process with dedication, professionalism, availability and ability to "get inside my head" and translate my experience to the best application we could have come up with.
I have no doubt that in such competitive environment, when demand to the top programs increasing each year, it is highly recommended to use experienced consulting services in order to maximize admission chances. You helped me make my dream into reality.
Thank you!

Chicago 2012

When I started thinking about MBA, I didn't know it is going to be such intensive long process. With your help, this process became an interesting adventure where I learned a lot about myself, about the business world, marketing and dealing with different cultures.
I thank you for your support, listening and encouragement. Thank you for staying realistic, not letting any obstacle or set back get in my way. Thank you mostly for your attention and dedication.

IESE 2012

When two of my friends who were accepted to Stanford told me they used your services, I didn't understand why do I need admission consulting. But when I figured the complexity of the process I turned to you, since I wanted the best service in order to succeed on the first try.
I applied for many top-10 schools on the first round, and got accepted to more schools than I thought I would. You helped me present my life story in a way that interest the schools and differentiate myself from other candidates. You did it in a creative and determined manner and delivered results.

Thanks to you I made my dream come true!

Wharton 2012

When I decided to follow my dream and move to the US, I knew I needed help and there was no doubt you were the right address.

After a few months of hard work I understand I made the right choice. Thanks to your help and professional guidance I was admitted to three schools - Wharton, Kellogg and Berkeley with significant scholarship. I'd like to thank your team, and I'm sure that without you I wouldn't have got so far.

Wharton 2012

Thank you for teaching how to play this game and win.
Thank you for showing me that you care about the process and the result as much as I care.
Thank you for helping me get accepted to some of the top b-schools with scholarships.
Thank you so much!

Harvard 2011

After getting a high GMAT score, I started to think about going to a top-10 school abroad. When I began working with you, you consulted and guided me to the right schools for me, and then you helped me choose a career path, write the essays, polish my applications and prepare me for the interviews.
You helped me seize a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to thank you for the service, patience, encouragement professionalism and responsiveness.
Thank you for everything!

Ross 2010

About a year ago, when I was trying to decide how can I build the strongest application, I turned to you. It didn't take me too long to understand I made the right choice. Your professional guidance and your ability to help me stand out delivered the expected results. I was admitted to Wharton!
Thank you for your amazing work and responsiveness, and for walking me through this process.

Wharton 2010

I'd like to thank your team for al your help!
I'm starting at INSEAD on January 2009. I was admitted to the only school I applied to and I believe it is mostly thanks to you. Your contribution with time planning, essay writing and interview preparation was very helpful.
Thanks so much for those who worked with me.


I'm starting at Berkeley on coming August. I know I couldn't have made it on my own, let alone with 50% scholarship. You helped me prepare the best application possible, and thanks to you I'm starting an amazing stage in my life.

Berkeley 2010

When I first turned to you I had my doubts. I thought I could write the essays on my own and that I don't need your help.
After the first meeting with you there were no more doubts. I was amazed by your professionalism. You helped me create a career path and write my essays, and my consultant was always able to point on the weakest and strongest parts.
The application preparation period was long and hard, but your service made it possible. I would like to thank my consultant for the responsiveness and for convincing me to keep working on my essays until they were perfect. I couldn't have done it without you.

Berkeley 2010

Thank you for your great assistance with the process. You made it possible for me to apply to top schools while working full time. Your ability to take the complex application process and make it methodic and clear is your advantage, and this is why I'll recommend others to use your service.
Special thanks goes to my consultant who worked with me days and nights to make the process successful, and always helped me to deal with the challenges throughout the process.
Thank you!

Harvard 2010

Let's start from the end - I got admitted to my first and second choices, Stanford and Kellogg, and I couldn't have done it without your intensive professional help.
I started the process late and squeezed everything into intense 4 months. It was clear that I can't do it without serious help, so I turned to you. Your method and accumulated knowledge helped me prepare the applications. I got daily support from my consultant, professionally and personally, not only with essay editing but also thinking about the topics and directions I want to emphasize.
I want to thank you for the process I went through, for your professional assistance and support.

Stanford 2010

The application process is long and complicated, especially for an international applicant who is not familiar with the American culture.
Your professional and devoted assistance helped me get admitted to one of the best b-schools in the world.
Thank you!

MIT Sloan 2010

I was admitted to Stanford, Wharton, LBS and Carnegie Mellon with significant scholarship. I started my application process early and it was pleasant and relaxed. Our cooperation was very successful, and your help and perfectionism had an impact on my admission. Besides that you also helped me gain many skills that would accompany me through my career.
There is no doubt you were an excellent choice for me! Thank you very much.

Stanford 2010

I'm writing this letter when I'm debating between 3 schools: Haas, Fuqua and Tuck, some of them with significant scholarship. Had someone told me a year ago that this is the situation I would be facing today...
Besides getting admitted, I learned from you what is professionalism. Thoroughness, attention to details and a team who is always available - these are the ingredients which make you a winning team.
I'm sure that working with you contributed significantly to my admission and I am grateful for that.

Tuck 2010

Thank you for the most professional, serious and thorough support!
I started this long and demanding process a year ago, and it became a journey of self fulfilling and career ambitions, in which you advised me on everything.
It was not an easy road, but I've learned a lot. On the personal level this is a process of development and growth, and on the business level I gained some good principles from you which may contribute to business success - you know how to do the job and do it well!
My dream came true - I was accepted to LBS.
Thank you for everything,

LBS 2010

I would like to thank you for your wonderful service and treatment throughout the application process. You helped me deal with strategic dilemmas and get accepted to my number 1 school, and I know that it is mostly thanks to you.
So thanks again,

MIT Sloan 2009

I want to thank your team and especially my consultants. Thanks to you I was admitted to several top-10 schools with significant scholarships, and most important - I got into Wharton, my goal.
Your help was remarkable - from strategy to essay editing.
For me, one of your main advantages was the professional frame which helped me go through the stages of the application process in order. And of course - your responsiveness in the stressful days before application submission.
Thanks again,

Wharton 2009

Thank you for the excellent professional support. You turned this process from an impossible challenge to a hard but successful journey - I got admitted to Chicago with full scholarship.
Your close mentoring provided me with professional tools which will serve me beyond the application process.
The most impressive of all was your flexibility and commitment - in the crucial moments I felt like your entire team was there for me.
Thank you for everything!

Chicago 2009

We have traveled a long way together. The beginning was hard with few setbacks, but you didn't let me quite. I have always felt the full confident of an amazing team that pushed me to fulfill my potential.
The end was happy with great success - Wharton and Chicago (with full scholarship!!!), and there is no doubt you played a significant role in this accomplishment.

Chicago 2009

Thank you for your effort, hard work and professionalism that helped me achieve my most important goal in the past few years of my life.
The road was not easy, but the happiness when I got the positive answers and the excitement today, when I'm packing my suitcase, worth every minute and every cent I spent.
I got admitted to LBS and Duke, which were on the top of my list (with one $20K scholarship), and that's the proof you know how to get the job done.
Thank you for everything!

LBS 2007

I wanted to thank you for the successful ending of the most challenging period of my life. In the beginning I was confused and couldn't find my way, but with you professional guidance I was able to focus on my mission.
Thanks to you I was admitted to my priority schools, LBS and Carnegie Mellon, with a $40,000 scholarship.
Thank you for the effort and support. Keep up the good work!

LBS 2005


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